V.Ships laev sõitis madalikule Adeni lahes

Suures hirmus piraatide eest sõitis laevafirma V.Ships kaubalaev Adeni lahes madalikule. Meeskond keeldus edasi sõitmas peale tanker 'Biscaglia' kaaperdamist piraatide poolt.

The V-Ships crew was travelling close enough to witness the hijacking of the 27,350 dwt, 1986-built combined chemical and oil carrier Biscaglia on Friday, Mr Dunlop said.

It took the pirates 10 minutes to board the tanker, which was travelling in the safety corridor with a naval presence and with security personnel onboard.

Mr Dunlop would not name the vessel involved, nor give crew numbers or location, because of security concerns, but he said the ship was fully laden.

Tanker 'Biscalial' oli rünnakuhetkel peal kolm relvastamata turvameest firmast Anti Piracy Maritime Security Services.

"APMSS security team embarked upon MV BISCAGLIA came under sustained and heavy attack from pirates earlier this morning. Reports remain confused however we believe that the embarked 3 man APMSS security team (comprising former British military servicemen) were able to mount sustained, non-lethal, resistance, denying the attacker's access to the ship long enough for the ship's operating crew to seek safety below decks and to summon assistance from coalition warships.

Reports suggest that the security team were only finally overwhelmed when attackers gained access to the ship and continued to fire upon the embarked security team.

I have spoken with my team leader on the phone and he informs me that the level of violence was unprecedented and forced them reluctantly to leave the vessel after every effort was made to ensure the safety of the ships crew, further whilst in the water the security team were again fired upon. The hijacked vessel with pirates in control then attempted to run them down"

Tendents kipub liikuma relvastatud kaitse peale laevadel, mis läbivad ohtlikke piirkondi. Enamus laevafirmasid soovib seda vältida. See tõstab ainult vägivalla taset kokkupuudetes piraatidega. Laeva meeskond ei ole koolitatud sõda pidama…

Tagasi tulles V.Ships laeva juurde. Peale seda, kui meeskond oli pealt näinud tankeri kaaperdamist, mis juhtus turvatsoonis sõjalaevade ligiduses ning turvameeste pardalolekul, otsustati laev peatada ning edasi sõitmisest keelduti.

Sellel aastal on piraatide poolt röövitud 40 laeva, neist 15 on siiamaani vabaks laskmata (välja ostmata). 

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