Kehv tulemus paadiõppuste kontrollist

Möödunud aastal viis Paris MoU (Pariisi vastastikuse mõistmise memorandum) läbi koos Tokyo MoU‘ga kolme kuu jooksul (september-november) kontsentreeritud kontrollikampaania, mis oli suunatud seekord laevade päästepaatide veeskamisseadmetele ja paadiõppustele.

Paris MoU 27 liikmesriiki viis läbi 5749 kontrolli. Esialgne kokkuvõte näitab, et üks kontroll viiest leidis puudusi seoses päästepaatidega. Kolmekuulise kontrolli käigus peeti kinni 246 laeva, mille puhul 30%-l oli kinnipidamise põhjuseks puudused päästepaadi veeskasmisseadmetes.

During the campaign 2,136 CIC-related deficiencies were found. The campaign revealed that one out of every eight drills, when conducted, was not performed satisfactorily. This is an issue of serious concern to the Paris MoU Member States, and is often caused by lack of training.

Of the procedures or instructions and identification of hazards associated with launching and recovery of lifeboats one out of 6 was found unsatisfactory. These are related to the safety management system on board the ship.

A total of 32 flags had 1 or more CIC related detention. These flags cover 76% of the inspections. The flags, which were subject to 10 or more inspections, with the highest CIC related detention record were:

• Switzerland with 12 inspections and 2 detentions (17%),
• Sierra Leone with 47 inspections and 5 detentions (11%),
• Togo with 10 inspections and 1 detention (10%)
• Cambodia with 62 inspections and 6 detentions (10%).

A total of 67 flags, which cover 24% of the inspections, had no CIC related detentions at all. Most CIC inspections took place on general dry cargo ships (38%), followed by Ro-Ro container ships (15%) and bulk carriers (13%). Bulk carriers have the highest detention rate of (3%), followed by the general dry cargo ships (2%) and refrigerated cargo ships (1.2%).

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