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Virutal Safety Training & Education Platform (VSTEP) lasi välja Ship Simulator Professional-i, mis on interaktiivne ”tööriist” professionaalsetele merekarudele. Simulaatoril on pakkuda P&O – Pride Of Rotterdam’i, katamaraane, eriotstarbelisi aluseid ning palju muud.  Tootes on ühendatud kõik vajalikud navigatsiooni põhitõed. Võrreldes Ship Simulator 2006‘ega on arenetud kõvasti.

Ship Simulator Professional builds on the success of Ship Simulator 2006, a game which allows users to navigate various vessel types through major global ports and waterways. Through Ship Simulator Professional players can follow the vessel’s position, direction and speed on an electronic chart. Ship Simulator Professional outputs NMEA signals, which can be picked up by any NMEA compliant device, like ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems). Professional users, such as nautical colleges, can use Ship Simulator Professional to teach students the principles of electronic navigation. Handling ECDIS is becoming a standard component of modern navigation and can now be trained in a low-cost classroom environment. Other ships in the game are seen as AIS objects, allowing Ship Simulator Professional to also be used for AIS training.

 Ship Simulator Professional videokogu saad vaadata SIIT

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  1. I would like to know where I could for my personal use SHIP SIMULATOR PROFESSIONAL.Latest addition in North America or Canada.

    Sincerely with ALL positive amenities.

    Captain R.L. Korbut R.C.N. ( ret’d )

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