Sekstant pole veel välja surnud

Kui mõned juba arvavad, et sekstantide tootmine on maas ning GPS valitseb maailmas, siis eksite. Neid tehakse endiselt ja aina paremaid. Tallinna Merepäevadele saabuvate purjelaevade noorte meeskonnaliikmete käest tuleb kindlasti üle küsida, milline on nende suhe sekstandiga.

Davis Instruments (leht nõuab Javat) valmistab endiselt sekstante Mark 3, Mark 15 ja Deluxe Mark 25. Kui esimene neist on odavaim versioon, nn päästepaadi sekstant, siis kaks viimast on mõeldud professionaalsetele meremeestele.

Featuring a precision-machined, slow travel gear and worm mechanism, the dependable Mark 15 has a 7 inch frame radius graduated from 120° to -5°. It also includes seven large sunshades, a star scope with anti-reflective glass lenses and a separate hooded sight tube for glare-free sun shots. Designed for the harsh marine environment, the durable sextant has a contoured handle and angled back for a steady grip and added control.

The Deluxe Mark 25 Sextant adds a Beam Converger, LED light and advanced mineral coating. Replacing the traditional, half-silvered mirror, the Beam Converger provides a single, full-field view for reliable sights, even under the most difficult conditions. The highly-efficient, long-life LED illuminates the arc and drum, while a special, mineral coating enables users to see the horizon in one color and a star or the sun in another. This helps to pick up faint objects such as low-light stars as well.

Mark 15 ja Deluxe Mark 25

Kes arvab, et tema laevas puudub käsiraamat sekstandi käsitlemiseks, siis võib omale allalaadida selle SIIT.

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