Palka oma laevale turvamees!

Selle aasta märtsis sai ennustatud, et ilmuvad varsti välja turvafirmad, kes soovitavad laevafirmadel palgata turvamehed. Seda just piirkondades, kus on kõrgendatud piraadioht. Näiteks Aafrika idarannik.

Ja ennäe imet. Ongi esimesed kirjad läinud liikvele. Muse Professional Group on firma, mille peakontor asub Odessas ning on registreeritud Londonis. Lühidalt firmast

The Muse Professional Group team consists of highly qualified professional recruiters, trainers, security consultants and human resource managers drawn from the USA, the UK and Ukraine. They are supported by an extensive network of internal and external research and back office systems.

With a combined total of over 40 years experience in the field of security and protection, training and human resource management, our team of recruitment consultants are the most dynamic recruiters in the industry today.

Firma töötajad on pärit:

Our personnel are primarily drawn from Ukraine, a member state of the coalition. Ukrainians are well known for their intelligence, professionalism and for their ability to work in difficult environments. They are a hardy and stoic people who take great pride in a job completed and well done.

Kiri, mis on saadetud erinevatele firmadele merendussektoris, näeb osaliselt välja selline:

….We are currently building two bases in Yemen, one on each end of the Gulf of Aden. We have four teams of professional marine security able to deploy on any seafaring vessel, at sea. They board the vessel at sea (armed) right before entering the gulf and exit while at sea after crossing the gulf (all of the insertions are done in open sea).

We can not offer this service on certain flagged vessels but most are covered. Our rules of engagement are not to fire the first shot, to offer only warning shots and deadly force only as the last resort, with the captain's permission. We also offer a non-lethal program if you're insurance or country of flag insists. Both programs include a ship tracking service as well as a full regional daily update intelligence report while our men are on your vessel.

We are fully integrated into all regional warships at the push of a button through our tactical operations center. When minutes can decide months of time and millions of dollars Muse Professional Group is there by your side!…

Nagu ärimaailmas ikka asjad käivad: kus on nõudlust, seal on ka pakkumist.

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  1. Ajakiri Navigaator juba kirjutas, et superjahtidel kasutatakse juba pikemat aega relvastatud turvateenistuse abi. Muidugi kahju, et laevadele relvad ilmuvad.

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