Esimesed LRIT sertifikaadid väljastatud

Marshalli Saarte lippu kandvad laevad MT Port Louis, MT Altius and MV Port Melbourne (International Tanker Management) on esimesed laevad, kellele on väljastatud LRIT vastavuse sertifikaat (LRIT Conformance Test Report Certification).

LRIT on laevade kaugseire süsteem (Long Range Identification and Tracking). Loe rohkem edasi wikipediast/lrit.

Sertifikaat väljastati peale laevade Inmarsat-C süsteemi testimist Pole Star Applications'i poolt.

Lars Modin, ITM'i tegevdirektor:

"We are extremely pleased to be the first operator to be tested and certified under this new legislation. We are now well placed to respond to the demands of our clients and their requirements for LRIT compliance." He was keen to stress the benefits of testing early using Pole Star's LRIT conformance test. "Being able to test our equipment early meant we were able to resolve any issues with terminals early. The technical standards of this test combined with the fact that Pole Star is an approved tester for several maritime administrations helped enormously with the planning and management of our vessels, all of which contributes to our commitment to this regulation. With 100,000 terminals to be tested between now and December, we knew we couldn't afford to wait." 

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