Google Earth + Nautical Data = EarthNC

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EarthNC for Google Earth- Marine Data for a Digital World

EarthNC Marine Charts for Google Earth are the first ever integration of NOAA Electronic Navigation Charts (ENCs), marine weather and real-time positioning data directly into the Google Earth platform. EarthNC Marine charts feature Google Earth renderings of over 600 official NOAA and 70 U.S. Army Corps of Engineering ENC charts. For the first time, boaters of all skill and experience levels can enjoy the visually superior experience of satellite image based navigation at low cost.

Ühesõnaga on Google Earth põhjale ehitatud navigatsiooniandmestik. Väga suuremahuline ja tasemel töö ära tehtud. Paistab, et suurelt mõeldud ja tehtud, sabasjooksja tunne on miskipärast (mõtlen paljukiidetud Eesti võimakust IT alal, aga me suures enesekiitmise tuhinas ei pane tähele, et hoog raugemas).

Andmebaasi ja veebilahenduse tutvustus ja video:

Miami via EarthNC Birdeye 

EarthNC Product Family

EarthNC is divided into 3 primary products:

* EarthNC Plus – Our flagship product which packages full versions of over 680 current marine charts into a single installation. These charts can be used online or offline and combined with a USB GPS and the ‘GooPs' real-time GPS engine for Google Earth provide a full moving-map experience similar to modern chart plotters. A routing interface is in the works to allow full route planning with EarthNC Plus – including 1 button upload to Garmin handheld GPS receivers. EarthNC Plus subscribers receive a full year of free chart updates as part of their purchase.

* EarthNC Raster – Extending EarthNC chart coverage to the full NOAA RNC catalog of over 1000 paper charts, EarthNC Raster charts are specially designed for use in Google Earth without sacrificing detail. EarthNC Raster charts, when used in conjunction with EarthNC Plus provide for direct comparison of Vector, Raster, and Google Earth imagery in 3D.

* EarthNC Online – Our free offering which includes limited versions of approach, harbor, and inland ENC vector charts, real-time weather and tide information, marine services, and more.

koos kaardiandmetega siia siia 

pall linnulennult Miami

Niiet, kohe vaatama, kas Eesti kohta ka juba midagi on? Natuke peab vist veel ootama. Seni jälgige, kuidas kapten Bill Foster oma reisil seda veebivõimalust kasutab: Follow Captain Bill Foster

Installi Google Earth siit. Ja ENC siit.

Lisa: EarthNC's trip and route planner, Google Earth Blog, Google Earth Blog 2007

The Google Earth browser functionality works quite well, and EarthNC's different layers are impressive. The Marine Charts are limited in the online version to harbor charts and basic navigational data. You don't see the full spectrum of data available such as depth contours, fish havens, wrecks, soundings, etc. unless you purchase the EarthNC Plus or EarthNC Pro versions.  

YouTube – EarthNC's Channel, Panbo: The Marine Electronics Weblog,, Technorati video,, :).


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