Tankerit ei lasta sadamasse

20. aprillil keeldus USA Rannavalve tankeril Aral Wind siseneda Port Canaveralisse, kuna rannavalve sõnul rikuti laevas mitmeid ohutusnõudeid.

A statement disclosed that during a routine certificate of compliance boarding the ship failed to furnish a valid certificate and conditions on board were so unsafe that the inspection had to be aborted.

Inspectors “encountered levels of benzene exceeding those determined safe and in accordance with policy, disembarked the vessel”, the statement added.

The Coast Guard found that the high-level gas alarms in the vessel’s cargo hold, its explosive meters and oil discharge monitoring system were all disabled.

“Large amounts of gasoline” were found leaking from the ship’s pressure release valve vent risers.

A source involved with the case said the trouble arose when a crew member over-filled some cargo tanks.

The source added that the engineroom of the tanker was “in very good shape” with only a minor malfunction, and the ship otherwise was “well maintained”.

27. aprillil keelduti jälle luba andmast sisenemaks sadamasse. Põhjuseks toodi kolme mittevastavuse mitte eemaldamine.

These were a malfunction in several pressure release valves designed to release vapours from cargo tanks, a crack in the main firefighting source and inoperable lifeboats.

The ship would not be allowed into port until these matters were addressed, Petty Officer Brzuska said.

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