m/v Alblasgracht – Tsunami Detection System

Laeva pealt saadeti infot sõlmitava lepingu kohta, mille järgi Fugro GEOS Ltd. hakkab valmistama tsunami hoiatussüsteemi.

Fugro Oceanor (Fugro GEOS Ltd) wins contract Tsunami Detection System

The tragic consequences of the tsunami that struck in the Indian Ocean on 26 December 2004 have acted major eye opener to countries vulnerable to a similar disaster. As a result, urgent efforts are being made to establish early warning systems to reduce, or minimise, the impact of future tsunamis.

Accordingly, Malaysia has taken initiative to implement a tsunami detection system comprising three buoys and a number of automatic tidal stations. At a distance of about 200 km from the coastline a seabed-mounted pressure sensor will continuosly communicate water pressure data to a surface anchored buoy through an accoustic transmission link.

When a tsunami is detected, an alarm will be activated and transmitted via sattelite to the operational warning centre. This enables a warning to be communicated to the population well before the tsunami hits the coast.

In addition, a number of automatic tidal stations will be installed along the Malaysian coast to complement the newly installed buoy detection system.

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