Konteinerid jälle merre uhutud

Varem mainitud P&O Nedlloyd Mondriaan suutis veelkord vabaneda osa konteineritest – Biskaia lahes seekord. 50 enamus tühja konteinerit uhuti merre eelmise nädala lõpus.

CMA CGM Verdi suudab siiski Mondriaani üle lüüa. 77 40 jalast konteinerit lendas üle parda ning 55 konteinerit sai vigastada. Juhtum leidis aset laupäeval Cape Finisterre lähedal tugeva tormi käes.

Pühapäeval kaotas CMA CGM Otello Biskaia lahes 50 konteinerit ning vigastada sai 30.

Despite such events and its own intense loss prevention initiatives, leading container fleet insurer Through Transport Club has advised against reading too much into the latest reports.

It estimates that worldwide the average number of boxes that fall from ships is around 2,500 out of a container inventory of at least 15m teu. This works out at around 0.006% of the number transported each year, said the mutual. TT Club experts questioned whether the rate had increased over the last 30 years of intense containerisation.

While welcoming any investigation into the number of containers that fall and their impact — most would be likely to burst open on hitting the water, rather than ride the waves and cause new havoc — the insurer says this should not be used as a way of further regulating the industry.

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