Caribbean Jade sõitis randa

The Antiguan registered Vessel belonging to Bernuth lines "Caribbean Jade" was headed into the Castries Harbor about 2AM on Saturday with a load of cargo. It was about that time when the ship's captain experienced problems with the steering and lost control of the vessel which ran a ground in the La Toc area. Several people where called in to assist in getting the ship back into open waters. Seaman – Anthony says it is quite bizarre to witness a ship parked on land like an SUV. Word that a vessel had ran a ground had spread quickly and several people were soon on the scene to witness what had occurred. Some people came out just to pose for a picture next to the vessel, and others came just to say that they were there when it happened. Some La Toc and Banan residents like Alphius Pherrel were rudely awakened to see a ship docked in their backyard. Pherrel explains what he noticed when he awoke on Saturday. It was not an easy task to get the ship back into open waters, but with the assistance of other vessels the Caribbean Jade was pulled back into the harbor about 12:15Pm. And although it is well know that boats are made to be operated on water, on this occasion that theory was almost jeopardized.

By HTS Channel 4 

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