Bourbon Offshore Norway valis C-MAP’i

Aprillis kirjutas Mairold ühest huvitava konstruktsiooniga laevast, mille valmistajaks on Ulstein Group. Siis oli saadaval veel arvutigraafikaga valmistatud pilt laevast. Nüüdseks künnab selline laev juba merd. Bourbon Orca Photo: Pildil oleva "kaunitari" nimi on BOURBON OCRA. Selle aasta septembris valiti laev Norra komisjoni poolt "Aasta laevaks 2006" ("Ship of the Year 2006").

The jury for ‘Ship of the Year 2006′ consisted of Rolf Sæther, Managing Director of Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, Birger Skår, Managing Director of the Norwegian Shipbuilders Sales and Marketing organisation, and Asle Strønen, Publisher of Skipsrevyen.

Novembris allkirjastasid C-MAP Norway ja Bourbon Offshore Norway lepingu, millega varustatakse Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) laev BOURBON ORCA C-MAP ProfessionalPlus ja ametlike ENC elektrooniliste vektorkaartidega ning C-MAP WeatherView 2.0 tarkvaraga.

C-MAP will install a variety of navigational services on Bourbon Offshore Norway fleet, including WeatherView™. For a highly sophisticated ship, such as the Bourbon Orca, the WeatherView™ system will help the crew on board define operational weather windows based on their own criteria, which they can enter into the system. In addition to presenting the weather for any given spot in the world, the WeatherView™ is an effective operational planning tool based solely on the best weather data available. The new Weather Module is developed by C-MAP Marine Forecast, a subsidiary of C-MAP Norway specializing in high quality meteorological and oceanographic information systems presented as overlay on C–MAP digital navigational charts.

About C-MAP Norway:

C-MAP Norway develops and markets a global electronic chart and navigational service specifically designed to meet the needs of merchant marine vessels operating worldwide. C-MAP distributes the industry’s most complete portfolio of official ENC. In addition, C-MAP provides its own C-MAP Professional vector chart, which is the world’s largest commercially available database. Both databases are backed up by Online Updating service. Over 90 manufacturers of ECS and ECDIS, vessel traffic control and fleet management systems read and display C-MAP digital chart data.

About Bourbon Offshore Norway:

Bourbon Offshore is a leader in marine services related to the offshore oil industry. With significant operations in West Africa, Mexico, Brazil and the North Sea, the company’s prime objective is to meet its clients’ growing needs for deep-water development. At present, Bourbon Offshore has a fleet of 137 new generation modern offshore vessels and nearly 100 vessels on order. With considerable capacity for investment, the technical and technological expertise of the company’s highly-skilled staff, Bourbon Offshore is strategically placed to both drive and benefit from the technological revolution now underway in the offshore oil industry sector.

Laeva kapten kirjutab oma esimestest muljetest laevast, tehnikast ja publikust.

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  1. Paistab, et laev sai varem vee peale. Ja nimi kah teine. Samuti pole ka kopteritekki ehitatud. Ju siis pole see laev :/

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