Konverents “Environmental Port Management”

25.-26. septembril toimub Kopenhaagenis konverents “Environmental Port Management”. Teemaks siis sadamad ja keskkonnakaitse.

Increased legislation and improved public awareness have catapulted sustainability and environmental issues to their highest ever profile in the ports and maritime sectors. The result is that while being pushed to deliver higher returns in increasingly competitive commercial markets, managers of ports and marine terminals are also compelled to make much more than a passing nod towards green issues.

Rohkem infot konverentsi ja registreemise kohta leiab siit. Kes soovib saada tasuta infobukletti ürituse kohta, see piilugu siia ning kes on huvitatud oma mõtteid ka teistele jagama sellel konverentsil, see saab oma kõne esitada korraldajatele siin.

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