Baaslaev valvsa pilgu all

Vaat sellise foto leidsin U. S. Coast Guard ajalooülevaatest. Baaslaev fotol on Fryderyk Chopiniga sarnane.

Baaslaev USA vetesThe 200-mile zone created by the Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976 quadrupled the offshore fishing area controlled by the United States.  The Coast Guard has the responsibility of enforcing this law.  The Coast Guard also monitors a number of international agreements, treaties and conventions, including the UN moratorium on High Seas Drift Net Fishing.  This indiscriminate fishing method using large-scale drift nets, sometimes more than 25 miles in length, had been banned on the high seas since 1991.  As a result of U.S-led efforts, supported by Coast Guard aircraft and cutter patrols, the nations operating these vessels have virtually abandoned this practice.


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  1. Võib-olla isegi on FC. Vööriosas on nimi vähemalt kaheosaline, sellest teine lühem. Ja ahtri tekiehituses on ülemisel tekil korsten ümberringi kaetud. Pionerskil oli korsten tagant vaba.

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