Glasgow School of English short course

7. august – 1. september toimub 20-tunnine inglise keele lühikursus, mille korraldajaks on minu hea tuttav, Peter Rosendal, kes on Glasgow School of English esindaja Eestis. Kursuse läbiviijaks on professionaalne koolitaja Inglismaalt.

Kursused hakkavad toimuma Pro Kapitali majas (Narva mnt. 13 – III korrus), kus asuvad Glasgow School of English värskelt renoveeritud ruumid.

Millistele tasemetele koolitust pakutakse:

  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate
  • First Certificate in English.

Kursuse maksumus ühele inimesele on 1650 EEK, mis sisaldab koolitusmaterjali. Kursused toimuvad 2 korda nädalas 2,5 tunni kaupa.

Glasgow School of English is a friendly, welcoming school providing a range of English language courses to students of all nationalities. Situated in the heart of Glasgow city centre, we work with students to improve their English, make new friends and help them enjoy the benefits of living in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the UK. Our English language courses are suitable for students of all levels from beginners to advanced level students. Our experienced and qualified teachers will work with students in a classroom environment (or on a one-to-one basis) to develop their skills and improve their understanding of the English language. Students can choose to study on a short or long-term basis and can join at any point throughout the year.

Kes on huvitatud oma inglise keele parendamisest, siis võib ühendust võtta Peter’iga e-posti aadressil: või telefonil 6 143 113.

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