Saarlased purjetavad üle Atlandi

Saaremaa purjetajad Peeter Ramst, Vahur Grünthal, Tarmo End ja soomlane Jyrkki Tenhunen on võtnud ette julge reisi jahiga üle Atlandi ookeani. Reis kulgeb Kariibi mere äärselt St. Martini saarelt Vahemerre.

Nagu lugeda purjetajate kodulehelt , oli Soome jahtlaev RAUTANEITO teinud 2005 aastal pika reisi ja jõudnud enne jõulupühi St. Martini saarele. Jahi omanikel on soov tuua jaht Vahemerre ja selleks värvatigi meeskond, kuhu kuuluvad ka saarlased.

Lennukiga starditi Helsingist sihtkohta 30. märtsil. Pärast mõne päeva pikkust kohalike oludega tutvumist, alustati purjetamist põhja poole kuni Bermuudani. Sealt toimubki ülesõit Gibraltari väina suunas. Ookeani ületuse kestvuseks arvavad mehed orienteeruvalt 30 päeva. Lühisõnum Rautaneito pardalt kinnitab, et üle ookeani purjetamist alustatakse 14′ ndal või 15′ ndal aprillil ning koju, Saaremaale loodetakse jõuda 30′ ndaks maiks. 

Raadio Kadi 11-04-2006


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  1. Rautaneito hiljutised sissekanded:
    13.4.2006 St Martin-Fort Louis

    All the preparations prior to our journey are done. Except for those that we forgot.And fuel. We will fill up our tanks tomorrow morning 08:00. 560 L diesel oil all together in the two tanks of Rautaneito. Then of course we have the extra jerry cans we bought last year in Colerane by the river Bann. David should be here now. I guess he will be. He was the one of the friendliest fellow I personally have ever met. And the Captain of the Harbor in Colerane. He actually gave those extra jerry cans. Thanks again. So we will have some 200 L extra fuel in case we end up in the middle of the Bermuda-Azores High. However, we cannot spare any unnecessary fuel. Besides, this is supposed to be about sailing.

    Today the Mid-Atlantic High has been split to two!!! If we were now somewhere close to Bermuda, the winds would not favour our journey at all. Now, looking at the next three days’ forecast, it seems that the low pressure (990) stays close to the costlinse of US. The winds seems favorable at least for the next 3 days, 300-400 nm from St Martin. Lauri has promised to keep us informed about the sudden changes in weather patterns. Also, the emergency center in Tuusniemi with Heikki will, hopefully, serve as our backup for weather information.

    So the sails are repaired, engine checked, water in bottles (280 L) and tanks (560 L), beer well packed (some 350 cans, two/sailor/day), food for 40 days (plus reserve). Fuel tomorrow morning, panic pack with watermaker ready to be filled with rations, rockets in a watertight canister, EBIRP at hand near the companionway, personal lifejackets for everyone, jackline attached, harnesses combined with the lifejackets, cords for attachement to jacklines. We bought extra rope in case one of the halyards or scootlines break. Storm anchor was prepared today with a parachute. We will attach it so that it will be ready for use in case of gale (propable). We are prepared for repairing the sails on our way. We found an extra strong needle system for manual sail work.

    Again, during no-daylight-hours: two on the deck at all times. One on the helm, one on the watch. Two hours on the helm followed by two hours as helping hand. If one needs to step off the cockpitt: harness attached to jackline. No exceptions. No loud speaking or noises if possible during hours from 22:00 to 06:00. Sleep is of utmost importance for everyone.

    So that is the plan. On verra! Tomorrow morning, 08:00 fuel, then heading for Horta, Faial and ultimately bound for Cadiz in Spain.

    Peeter, Vahur, Tarmo and I, four of us will start our first crossing.

    Captain EHEC (Jyrki Tenhunen)

    Rautaneito 3. day on sea
    Noon position N20 02 500 W62 38 200

    120 nm from St Martin. No fish. Course 320 degrees all day long. Swells
    moderate. NE wind. Slow progress…progress. The satellite phone works
    better with the small antenna than with the large antenna belove the
    boom. Heikki A sends wonderfull weather charts from Bermuda Weather
    Service Web Pages. Thank you.

    The sea is so blue.

    J Tenhunen

  2. Rautaneito viimaste päevade sissekanded logiraamatusse:

    Rautaneito 11.5.2006 28th day
    Non position

    Tonight, You are The Star…and I am the Big Tipper…

    The brightest night. Moon light. Fullest of the full moons. This so
    reminds me of the nights of childhood. The wind under the bright night
    sky…fresh breeze. Very familiar. Also, clear memories from long ago.
    This is why I wanted to come here. This is happiness if ever. Some
    clouds pass us from the left, from the right. Only few above. Lightning
    in the distance on our Starboard. We are 40 nautical miles from Faial.
    Intense waiting for the daylight and first sighting of land.

    With a reefed main we make steady 5-6 knots. The Lady is stable indeed.
    We approach Faial from the South-West. The only danger from this
    direction is rolling seas over the shallow water in the entrance of Gulf
    of Faial. Some 7 meters suddenly. Could bring up very confused sea. We
    will sail between the tip of land of Faial and this shallow water. The
    flag of Portugal and Q-flag are ready. Portugal…see…WE HAVE MADE IT
    TO EUROPEAN WATERS…everyting is aftermath beyond this. The GPS gives
    us by now 2700 nautical miles since St MArtin. Our log is not
    functioning so the true mileage is not known. Taking into consideration
    our zig-zag, I have reason to believe that we have made closer to 3000
    miles by now. That is in 29 days. Indeed, the Lady has overly exceeded
    at least my expectations during the last two weeks. 120-140 miles per
    day. Thia all with the safety of a sturdy hull shape…now let me
    see…next I would definately want to make a landfall too Galapagos. Not
    to mention Tahiti…Folks…are we not ready for the Globe…?

    This has been a dream-come-true so far. I hope those who read this and
    have been on board Rautaneito previously, but could not make it this
    time will see in the future the possibility of exploring the Globe by
    this old fashioned manner. Leif, Veli, Toomas, Katrin, Silvia, Heikki
    and all others I forgot. This is GOOD! And Katrin, the piece of sh… is
    still hanging here. Vellu, do you remember the night with lot of booze
    in 1990-something? This is it!

    Leif should tell his friend that the computer we
    have on board has been functioning well…untill yesterday…some
    water…and this has been crucial for us. The other equally important
    technical detail is the satelite phone…with the connection it makes we
    have been able to choose out way between the rough parts of the seas.
    Thank you TYCO and Panu!!!!! Humidity we have had here but we lack some

    Now, in the morning PICO shows it´s majestic cone. The summit is covered
    by a huge cloud. On the right side of it…Faial. We will pass in
    between. Horta awaits….

    Oh, for the skeptics…we still have plenty of mileage to make to fail

    P.S. Congratulations to Totti, my son for being accepted to a school in
    Tampere. And Lotta, my daughter, thanks for uplifting emails from
    Argentina. It was wonderfull to hear that you already dream in Spanish.
    Lucky you! Both of you…next time you will be on board.

    Rautaneito 12.5.2006 29th day
    Noon position, the position. This is Horta, Faial

    In the morning, strong wind. From the aft. We approach Faial and Pico.
    We sail…I would say…elegantly along the Southern coastline of Faial.
    Just close enough to get some of the islands winds so that we can
    actually head with the same tack all the way between the two islands,
    Faial and Pico. The cone of Pico, the volcano, is covered by thick

    All the way, all the way…sails untill the oldest breakwater of Horta
    harbour. Sails down. To the side mooring…bowlines…first jump…after
    a MONTH on seas, land….Jesus, this moves. I almost fall…got to go
    back on board…or take a beer…I did both for the hell of it.

    Two hours waiting for the officers tto clear the papers. Actuall one of
    the guys had to go take his daughter to school. The other officer…very
    friendly. No worries.

    Peters Sports Cafe. Beer. Stake. Beer. Beer. Sleep. Goody good. Phone
    calls to Finland. Tomorrow, provisions for the next 1000 miles.

    Captain EHEC (Jyrki Tenhunen)

    Kui huvitab, siis saad varasemaid sissekandeid lugeda siit:

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