Tanker madalikul Loodeväilas

02. septembril sõitis madalikule Loodeväilas (Northwest Passage) tanker Nanny (Kanada, ehitatud 1993, 9176 dwt). Esialgsetel andmetel keskkonda reostatud pole. Laeva lastiks on diiselkütus eemalasetsevatele kogukondadele põhjas.

Õnnetus juhtus Gjoha Haveni lähedal – maps.google.com.

Lloyd’s List:

Two more of its tankers have suffered damage in Canadian waters this year. On July 5 the 1980-built 10,557 dwt Dorsch suffered ice damage while anchoring at Iqaluit. The smaller 2,500dwt Mokami has grounded twice, in Newfoundland on June 28 and more recently at Pangnitung on August 8. On both occasions there was no damage or pollution.

The latest grounding closely follows another incident last week on August 27. The small 4,500 gt cruiseship Clipper Adventurer grounded off Nunavut. Passengers were safely evacuated by a coastguard icebreaker and there has been no pollution, but the ship is still aground while a plan for salvage is put in place.

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