Vaikses ookeanis üks saar juures – pildid

12. augustil kandis jaht MAIKEN oma logiraamatusse järgmist:

19deg.18.315S 176deg.24.359W 15:10L
Early afternoon, somewhere east of the Lau Group in Fiji. We are sailing south of the island group to avoid having to pass through it during night. Yesterday we saw the birth of an island, most likely we were the first humans to see the new creation. We have some pictures, but they will have to wait until we have a chance to upload them. So you might have heard about the sailor superstition that you should “never leave on a Friday”. Well, we did and the sea turned to stone, it is hard to get a stronger sign than that. It sounds like a bad joke, but just wait until you see the pictures. Floating stones none the less. When you pick them up, it is easy to see that they are really just volcanic ash that compressed into pumice stone. This experience mixed with a close encounter of three whales makes you understand that the ocean is full of surprises.

Vulkaanipurske tagajärjel oli sündinud uus saar, mille esimesteks tunnistajateks olid jahi MAIKEN meeskonnaliikmed. Pildid sellest sündmusest on siin.

DELFI uudis.

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