Balti Merevee Auhind 2009 – Baltic Sea Water Award 2009

 Rootsi Välisministeeriumi eesvedamisel antakse ka sellel aastal välja Balti Merevee Auhind (Baltic Sea Water Award 2009), mille eesmärk on tunnustada uusi ja innovatiivseid meetodeid Läänemere veekeskkonna kaitsmisel. Auhind antakse välja üksikisikutele, firmadele, organisatsioonidele ning aktiivsetele isikutele avalikus sektoris.

Auhinda antakse välja alates 1999. aastast ning oli kutsutud ellu Rootsi Välisministeeriumi poolt. Selle tunnustusega kaasneb 150,000 SEK suurune preemia koos kristallskulptuuriga ning kutse osalemiseks 2009. aasta Maailma Vee Nädalal (2009 World Water Week) Stockholmis.

The nomination period for the 2009 Swedish Baltic Sea Water Award is open now.

The work of the nominee to improve water quality in the Baltic Sea region can be among, but is not limited to, the following areas:

* Technology development and implementation
* Applied research
* Direct action
* Education and training
* Information and shaping of public opinion
* Policy development

Emphasis is placed on efforts that have had visible and measurable effects on the water resources in the Baltic Sea region.

To nominate a candidate for the award, use the on-line nomination form located on the right. Alternatively, you may download the Nominating Brochure, also found on the right, as an Adobe Acrobat PDF and fill in the accompanying Nomination Form. Please be sure to submit all the requested information.

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) administers the Swedish Baltic Sea Water Award. A jury appointed by the Swedish Government reviews the nominations, selects the winner and provides the written motivation for its choice. Information on nominations is kept confidential.

Nominations must be submitted in English.

Stockholmi Rahvusvaheline Veeinstituut (SIWI), kes administreerib Balti Merevee Auhinda, kutsub kõiki soovijaid üles seadma oma kandidatuuri ning saatma oma andmed. Registreerimiseks tuleb külastada SIWI kodulehte ning ära täita kandidatuuri esitamise vorm. Esitamise tähtaeg on 4. mai 2009.

Stockholm International Water Institute –

Swedish Baltic Sea Water Award –

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