Rahvusvaheline Mereorganisatsioon sai uue liikme

Kui lugesin uudist, milles olid sõnad "Cook Islands" ja "IMO", siis ilmusid silme ette kohe kaks toredat inimest: habemega kapten, hr Ian Finley ning kena tõmmunahaline neiu, miss Siai Maiava. Mõlemad esindasid eelmisel aastal Londonis toimunud Rahvusvahelise Mereorganisatsiooni assamblee istungjärgul Cook'i saari (Cook Islands). Huvitav oli kõrvalt jälgida, kuidas tehti oma riigile promo. Aga see selleks.

Igatahes on nad oma tahtmise saanud ning nüüd on Cook'i saared Rahvusvahelise Mereorganisatsiooni 168. liige.

IMO kodulehelt

The Cook Islands has become the latest Member of IMO following the deposit, on 18 July 2008, of an instrument of acceptance of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization, as amended, with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

With the accession of the Cook Islands, the number of IMO Member States stands at 168, with a further three Associate Members.

Since the Cook Islands is not a Member State of the United Nations, its application to join IMO required the approval of two-thirds (112) of the current IMO membership. The Cook Islands applied to join IMO in 1999 and the 112th letter of acceptance was received by the IMO Secretariat on 15 July 2008.

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