Clyde Challenger: MAYDAY

Umbes kell 2150 UTC, 16.08.2008:


POSITION: 55-28N 002-06E





Nimetatud jaht osaleb praegu The Tall Ships' Races võidusõidus Põhjameres. Loodame, et abi peagi kohale jõuab.

marsruut Clyde Challenger


CLYDE CHALLENGER is a Clipper 60 ocean racing yacht previously named “Glasgow Clipper” and has completed 4 Round the World Races. Modified for her role as a Youth Sail Training Vessel, the yacht has had an extensive refit in 2006. Displacing 35 tonnes with an overall length of 18 metres, the yacht is capable of taking crews wherever they wish to travel. The Navigation & Communications suite is extensive with full colour electronic charting system through an onboard computer system with vessel positioning displayed to within 5 metres through a state-of-the-art satellite positioning fixing system and Radar. Communications fit is DSC VHF, Satellite Communications System linked to the onboard computer and High/Medium Frequency Transceiver system. The vessel complies with the most stringent Maritime Coastguard Agency regulations and carries full safety equipment including liferaft, EPIRB, SART and personal safety equipment for all the crew. With accommodation for 14 in individual bunks divided in to a 4 berth cabin, a 9 berth main cabin & Skipper’s Cabin.

Umbes neli ja pool tundi tagasi oli jahi asukohaks:

FLEET TRACKING TSR 2008 16.08 @ 1700

Viis tundi tagasi oli jaht omas klassis 12. kohal.

0810 GMT, 17.08.08: Sail Training International:

All 13 crew members of the Clyde Challenger, one of the vessels taking part in The Tall Ships’ Races 2008, were rescued overnight from their stricken vessel in the North Sea. All are safe and well. The 18m cutter was competing in final leg of the race series, from Bergen (Norway) to Den Helder (Netherlands). She reported taking on water last night and issued a Mayday call at around 2150 hours.

Two search and rescue (SAR) helicopters were dispatched by the Humber Coastguard (UK) who coordinated the rescue with the race organisers, Sail Training International. The crew of the Clyde Challenger were taken on board another competitor in the Racer series, the TS Loyal, in less than an hour after the May Day. They were later transferred to the KV Andenes, a Norwegian Coast Guard vessel.

Divers from the KV Andenes were put on board the Clyde Challenger to inspect the damage and stop the leak which is believed to been caused by a fractured pipe in the engine compartment.
The Clyde Challenger is still afloat and now being towed by the KV Andenes to Den Helder.

The Clyde Challenger is a regular competitor in The Tall Ships’ Races and other regattas and has completed four round the world races. Jim Smith (Director of Clyde Sail Training Trust), who has been in direct contact with Humber Coastguard, has contacted the families of the crew members to reassure them that the crew are safe. 

Meeskond korjati tund peale MAYDAY väljaandmist ühele teisele regatis osalevale alusele ja rannavalvelaev võttis nad üle. Jahile laskusid päästjad, kes leidsid ka leki asukoha ning jaht pukseeritakse praegu Den Helderisse.


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