Northrop Grumman võitis USA üleriigilise AIS võrgu moodustamise õiguse

Northrop Grumman võitis lepingu üleriigilise AIS võrgustiku projekteerimiseks, integreerimiseks, installeerimiseks ja testimiseks. Lepingu kogumaksumuseks on 68 miljonit USD.

Nationwide AIS will be a two-way maritime digital communication system, which will continually transmit and receive voiceless vessel data, including vessel identity, position, speed, course, destination and other data of critical interest for navigation safety, marine mobility and maritime security. In addition, data collected by Nationwide AIS will be combined with other government intelligence and surveillance data and shared with authorized government operators, contributing to maritime situational awareness, in part by identifying and locating vessels offshore.

Loe NG pressiteadet edasi siit: Northrop Grumman Receives Nationwide Automatic Identification System Contract From U.S. Coast Guard 

Northrop Grumman  

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