Ilmunud on uus IMDG koodeks, 2008

 Rahvusvaheline Mereorganisatsioon (IMO) on välja andnud rahvusvahelise ohtlike kaupade mereveo eeskirja (IMDG Code) 2008. aasta versiooni. Sellesse kantud muudatused muutuvad kohustuslikuks alates 01. jaanuar 2010, kuid on vabatahtlikult kasutatavad administratsioonide poolt juba 01.01.2009.

Uus koodeks sisaldab järgmiseid muudatusi:

  • in the Dangerous Goods List, there are 12 new UN numbers going up to 3481, with explosives going up to 0508;
  • there are also 5 UN numbers which were previously not listed in the IMDG Code because they were not regulated under it;
  • appropriate training for shore-side staff involved with dangerous goods is now mandatory instead of just recommended, and may be audited by the competent authority. Persons not yet trained may only operate under the direct supervision of a trained person;
  • additional changes concerning marine pollutants, IMO tank instructions, excepted quantities, limited quantities and radioactive materials of class 7.

Kellel raamatut vaja, saab seda soetada IMO kodulehe kaudu. Hind on 100 inglise naela.

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