SeaBat – veealune kaitse sonaritega

 Jaapanlased kasutasid selle aasta juulis Hokkaido Toyako's toimunud G8 kogunemise ajal Tokio lahe kaitsmisel võimalike rünnakute vastu SeaBat multibeam sonarsüsteemi. Kaitse alla jäid Tokio lahe veed kui ka Shakotan poolsaarel asuv Tomari tuumajaam.

SeaBat 7112, SeaBat 7111DDS ja SeaBat 7123 sonarsüsteemid võimaldavad kaitset 360 kraadi ulatuses kuni 700 meetri kaugusele.

Eelmise aasta detsembris katsetati SeaBat 7112 sonarit Kopenhaageni sadamas, kus saadud tulemused olid väga head. Süsteem avastas sukeldujaid pika vahemaa pealt.

On 3rd September 2007 a harbour test of the SeaBat 7112 was performed in Copenhagen (Denmark) with support from Royal Danish Navy divers wearing re-breather equipment. Despite deployment in an area close to concrete structures, the SeaBat 7112 was able to track the divers at long range. At close range SeaBat 7112 produced some spectacular images. The sonar was placed on its custom-developed tripod on the bottom of the harbour at a depth of 11.5 metres approximately 6 metres from the pier. The sonar produced impressive imagery and very little noise, enabling good detection even at long ranges.

Täpsemalt sonaritest:

The SeaBat 7112 system consists of a circular array and projector ensonifying a cylindrical volume of water up to 1000 metres across. Designed to detect small targets such as divers with closed circuit re-breather equipment, the systems will track and alert operators of their presence on a geo-referenced map of the area. At close range SeaBat 7112 produced some spectacular images.

A single transmit beam illuminates the entire 360° volume to provide complete sector coverage. Among the available options for SeaBat 7112 is Automated Detection & Tracking Software (ADT), which improves the tracking of divers.

The SeaBat 7111 Diver Detection Sonar (7111-DDS) is a High-Resolution Forward-Looking Sonar System operating at 100 kHz that illuminates wide horizontal sector coverage ahead of the Sonar Head Assembly. The SeaBat 7111-DDS can be mounted on a surface vessel or remotely deployed on the sea floor and is available in depths ratings of up to 60 metres, which makes it an excellent low-cost solution for waterside security applications.

The SeaBat 7123 is advanced, COTS-based, high resolution sonar suitable for both commercial and military applications. It is a triple-frequency, high-resolution, forward-looking sonar system that operates at 110kHz (Low Frequency), 240kHz (High Frequency), and/or 455kHz (Very High Frequency). The SeaBat 7123 illuminates a 45° to 120° horizontal coverage.

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