Costa Concordia: teema Siim Kallase laual

Euroopa Komisjoni seisukoht Costa Concordiaga seotud õnnetuse järel:

European Community Shipowners’ Associations

To:     Safety and Environment Committee
Shipping Policy Committee
National Associations

C.    6791/12    23/01/2012
SF    3.860/6.900

COSTA CONCORDIA- Statement by the Commission
To be noted and followed up

The Commission issued on Friday 20.01.12 a formal statement on safety of passenger ships as a reaction to the Costa Concordia incident. The statement refers to existing legislation and ongoing discussions e.g. on design and stability of passenger ships.

The Commission will call a meeting of the cruise sector, organise a conference in 2012 and launch a public consultation on the legislative review during the spring of 2012. More details about possible proposals will be provided before the Summer of 2012. Vice President Kallas will present the Commission action plan to the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament on 24.01.12.

A copy of the statement is attached herewith.

The different issues mentioned are very broad and cover the whole passenger transport sector by sea. The ECSA secretariat is following up developments on the EU front as well as in Italy.

Ülevaadet loe siit: MEMO 12/25 20.01.2012.pdf


C.    6809/12    24/01/2012
SF    3.860/6.900


As advised with C-6791/12 of 23/1/12, today the EP Transport Committee (TRAN) invited, in its first meeting following the Costa Concordia accident, EU transport Commissioner Siim Kallas to report on the actions that the Commission plans to take in the field of safety of passenger ships.

The exchange of views with the TRAN Committee can be summarised as follows:

•    In relation to the Costa Concordia accident, Siim Kallas informed that the Commission services are in close contact with the Italian authorities to follow and accompany as necessary, together with EMSA, the rescue and investigation operations.
•    Siim Kallas stressed that the Commission services continue to carry out their regular work in updating safety rules and standards for all transport modes, including sea passenger transport, with a view of increasing the effectiveness of transport safety and fully keeping pace with the latest designs and technologies.
•    In referring to the ongoing Commission’s policy review of EU passenger ship safety law, Siim Kallas confirmed that a stakeholder consultation looking at different options (including both legislative and non legislative initiatives) would be launched in the course of 2012.
•    After recalling the impressive safety record of passenger ships in EU waters, Commissioner Kallas agreed with the comments put forward by different MEPs, including the Chair of the TRAN Committee Brian Simpson, that the Commission should first wait for the final outcome and results of the ongoing Costa Concordia accident investigation and analyse it before deciding whether the EU would need any new legislation.
•    In this regard, while calling for a cautious approach pending the outcome of the investigation, both Commissioner Kallas and a number of MEPs stressed the need to ensure the respect and proper implementation of the considerable body of existing legislation adopted at international and EU level.

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