A3M Tsunami Alarm System

2. aprillil 2007 toimus Gizo saare lähedal (Solomoni Islands) 8,1-magnituudine maavärin, mis tekitas järgnevatel minutitel omakorda tsunami. Maavärin toimus ligi 10 kilomeetri sügavusel merepõhjas. Järgnenud mitmemeetrised lained ujutasid üle ümberkaudsed rannakülad.

Sakslaste välja töötatud A3M Tsunami Alarm System oli esimene, kes saatis välja informatsiooni maavärina kohta teenuse tellinud klientide mobiiltelefonidele.

According to A3M, about 100 text messages containing the warning were sent into the affected area on Sunday evening. Within an interval of one minute, registered users received three alarms on their mobile phones that warned them of the deadly waves that washed over the provincial capital Gizo.

Kuidas tekkis idee selline süsteem välja töötada?

The idea of a tsunami alarm system arose in December 2004 in the aftermath of the devastating destruction of the Tsunami catastrophe in the Indian Ocean. The German professors Eduard Heindl and Wolfram Reiners wanted to use modern information technology to warn people in time in case of similar occurrences, thus being able to protect human life more effectively. In order to achieve this goal, numerous technical systems must work together. The technological details of the Tsunami Alarm System are filed for patent protection at the German patent office. The Tsunami Alarm System is a product of the Tsunami Institute A3M AG under the presidency of Wolfram Reiners, Eduard Heindl and Andreas Koch with Prof. Hanns Ruder as chairman of the supervisory board.

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