Mereblogis oleme varem kirjutanud Ulstein Grupi huvitavatest laevadest. Möödunud aasta detsembris oli plaan paari Norra reisi ajal külastada ka seda laeva. Kahjuks jäi see ajapuudusel teostamata. Kuid õnnestus siiski kokku saada mehega, kes on sellel laeval olnud ning mõne pildigi klõpsinud. Alltoodud pildid ongi tema poolt tehtud ning Mereblogi jaoks saadetud.

Photos by Ståle Hųylandskjęr

2 thoughts to “ULSTEIN AX104 AHTS”

  1. Hello dear team
    Please excuse this unpersonal kind of turning to you!
    I have a hobby of modelling ships, and I intend to built the BOURBON ORCA AX – 104. On the search for good fotos, I have seen theese fotos above in your homepage.
    But unfortunately, I cannot open them, or download.
    Do You think, You could help me, so that I can copie them into my privat album with fotos, which I do use for my building??
    It really would be very kind, if you could do so!
    With best regards from Ratzeburg
    Your Wolfgang Diestel – Feddersen

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