Marine Software ja Tallink lõid taas käed

Suurbritannia tarkvaraarendaja Marine Software ja Tallink lõid taas käed tarkavara installeerimiseks.

mpm.jpg Lepingu järgi installeerib firma Tallinki uusimale reisilaevale BALTIC PRINCESS järgmised moodulid: Marine Planned Maintenance, Marine Storekeeper, Marine Purchasing System and the Marine Safety Manager. Sarnane tehing toimus ka selle aasta alguses, kui installeeriti tarkvara SUPERSTAR'ile.

During the build at the Aker Shipyard, Marine Software was contracted by Tallink to set up the Marine Planned Maintenance (MPM) system. The setup commenced at the Marine Software offices but was completed on board the vessel during the final days leading up to delivery.

The MPM system was also integrated with the vessel's Kongsberg Monitoring System, to allow the latest equipment running hours to be automatically imported.

The Baltic Princess system now has the ability to add pictures and files against the planned maintenance history records and defects system. The Marine Storekeeper module was also delivered with a barcode scanner, enabling the crew to quickly issue spares and speed up stock checks.

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